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We value our patients' experience at Choice Chiropractic and Wellness. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jeff Shiflet

I have been coming to see Dr Shiflet for over 10 yrs.. And I won't see any one else.

-- Letty

I've been a patient of Dr. Shiflet for several years. I have not had one poor experience. He has helped me with routine adjustments, injury recovery (dislocated shoulder) and vertigo. Appointments are typically available within 1-2 days. There is little to no wait time when you arrive for your appointment. Dr. Shiflet and his staff are always friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Choice Chiropractic and Wellness.

-- Jamie

Choice chiropractic changed my life 8 years ago, now it's my favorite place to be. Dr. Shiflet and Danielle are amazing people. Love this place!

-- William

First time seeing a chiro! Very clean office, friendly staff, doctor is top notch! Couldn’t be any happier with choosing this place for my chiro needs. Feeling so much better every day.

-- Toni

Love love love!!!! The best chiropractor I have ever been to!!!!! The staff is the best!!!!

-- Loralee

I was in so much pain for weeks when I went into the office.The first impression was awesome the staff is so nice. When I went to the visit with Dr. Jeff Shiflet he was concerned and companionate. I have been to a lot of chiropractors that charged me for a bunch of extra costs, that wasn't the case with this office he started treatment immediately and I found of relief after I left.... still not 100% after with one visit. However feel better and on the road to feeling better....Thank you!

-- Linda

Dr. Shiflet, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my health. After 3 years of being at my worst healthwise, you have brought me to my best and I appreciate it more than words can say. You care about your patients and that is what makes you a wonderful doctor. Thanks again so much!!!

-- Natalie

While my in-laws were here for several months, we made arrangements to take them to Dr. Jeff. My mother-in-law suffers from Parkinson's Disease and she said Dr. Jeff made it possible for her to get around the entire time they were here. They both went several times a week and were very happy with their treatment. He truly helped make their visit enjoyable for them and we are thankful to have them so close!

Greatest chiropractic care ever!! He has kept me on my feet working as a nurse for 2 pregnancies!! I recommend him to everyone!

-- Brittney

I have been to several doctors and chiroprators during the past year with severe leg and neck pain. Nothing helped until I came to Dr. Jeff, 6 weeks ago. He is helping me to improve daily. After months of using pain medication, yesterday was my first full day and night without my pain medication. Dr. Jeff's manulipations to both my neck and leg, plus the exercises he have given me to do at home, are giving me new hope that I can once again be pain free. We are so lucky that Dr. Jeff and his family have come to our community; and I am so happy that he has been able to improve my condition. I want to recommend him to anyone needing of pain relief.

What a surprise!
By Steph - Mar 17, 2009

I sort of took a chance with this place, finding them on Google (a mouse among some pretty impressive looking giants) without any referral whatsoever... And I've been burned by a chiropractor before...one of those "let's sign you up for a million visits that you really don't need" places that reek of used car salesman tactics. They are the smooth talkers, the ones with the flashy offices that cost a small fortune in rent every month which they're determined to make YOU pay for. The ones that preach about EMOTIONAL health, and holistic blabbity-bla that really just adds up to you forking over cash for things that you really don't need. But heaven knows there's the other extreme, isn't there? The rack-em-and-crack-em, cash only, no questions asked, hole-in-the-wall places that are more interested in a few quick bucks than in actually helping you get better. So what did I want, you ask? Well, I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I wanted a good, knowledgeable chiropractor that wasn't going to try and convince me to sign my soul away just to get my back fixed. I needed someone that was going to be attentive, thorough and professional. I wanted a nice facility with an x-ray machine and space (with equipment) for physical therapy. I wanted a chiropractor that took his work seriously, but didn't buy into all the sleek commercialism that seems to be so trendy in this field nowadays. Basically, I wanted an old-school chiropractor that utilized new-school methods and technology. Amazingly, I got all that and more at Choice Chiropractic. In a charming display of small-town casualness, Dr. Shiflet had given his receptionist the afternoon off and returned my call personally. He was also there to greet me when I walked through the door and helped me through all the initial paperwork. To say that I was impressed with the facility would be an understatement. There wasn't a statue or a fountain or a salt-water aquarium. The floor wasn't covered with upscale marble tile and the walls didn't boast expensive original art-work. But it was clean and new and more than impressive in its own right. Comfortable, inviting, tastefully decorated and up-to-date. I couldn't possibly have hoped for more. But that's just the ATMOSPHERE! And maybe you don't care so much about all that (even though I clearly do). Then let me just say that Dr. Shiflet was even more of a delightful surprise than his office was. When I read the name "Family Chiropractic" I assumed it was a come-on to attract people with simple, down-to-earth preferences like myself. But "family" is really what it feels like there. Dr. Shiflet strikes me as a very genuine, very caring person with a great sense of humor. He showed me courtesy, compassion, and a level of attention that I have never experienced before from ANY doctor. He also happens to be a fantastic chiropractor. I didn't expect to feel immediate relief after my first adjustment but I most certainly did. It was incredible. I think I walked out of there on cloud nine, only slightly deflated to find out that my insurance will only pay for twenty sessions this year. Which is ironic because if you asked me yesterday if I would not only look FORWARD to twenty visits to a chiropractor but actually wish for MORE, I would have laughed in your face. But Dr. Shiflet assured me that twenty visits would be enough. The last chiropractor I went to told me it would take at least forty visits (lo and behold, the max my insurance would pay for at the time) to correct my problem and that was before I was even having any significant pain! So here I am, spending an exorbitant amount of time writing an exorbitantly long review of a business (something I have NEVER done before) all because I was just that impressed with Dr. Shiflet. And I'm confident that you will be too if you take my advice and call to make an appointment TODAY. And tell them Stephanie Chandler sent you. Who knows, maybe I'll get a sucker at my next visit. :-)

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